Kaiser Baas R40 : GPX Converter
This program will convert to data files produced by the Kaiser Baas R40 Dashcam into GPX files.

To use this program you simply have to drop the ".DAT" files from your dashcam onto the program's window and then click the "convert" button. The program will write the GPX files into the same folder as the ".DAT" file. A seperate GPX file will be produced for each journey and be named with the date and time of the start of the journey "yyyy-mm-dd hhmmss". Your dashcam will start a new journey each time the dashcam is unplugged from the power, if you leave your dashcam switched on whilst parked this will continue to be recorded as the same journey including the time parked.

The program only has one option which is a check box for "Write Speed Value", the current standard for GPX files is to not write the speed value recorded by the dashcam as it can be calculated from the distance and time between the logged GPS points. With this check box ticked the software will write these speed values into the GPX file, whether or not these speed values will be recognised or used really depends on the software you are loading the GPX files into.
The simplest way to get the GPS log files from your dashcam onto your PC is to simply remove the MicroSD card and plug it into your PC. You will find the logs in a folder called "gps".

If however your PC does not have a MicroSD card reader, or you do not wish to remove the card from your dashcam, you can download the files from your dashcam using wifi from your PC / tablet / smartphone (or other wifi device) as follows...
  • Switch on wifi on your PC (or other device) and choose to connect to another network, you should see a network called KB-RSERIES-XXXXXX.
  • Log on to this network, the password should be 12345678. If not refer to the user guide that came with your dashcam.
  • You will be presented with a list of gps logs you can download.