This page contains MP3 downloads of some of the music I have written or remixed on my computer. This section is rather small at the moment, but I hope to increase it over time.
Prince & The Revolution - When Doves Cry (Dance Mix)
I did this mix quite a while back on my Amiga, I never released it at the time as the module was too big to fit on a disk, and I didn't have the time to code a player for it. Apart from the tune being in Mono rather than stereo, it's pretty damn good, and even when I listen to it myself I find it hard to believe I did it on an Amiga!!!
When Doves Cry (Dance Mix)
Madonna - Nobody's Perfect (Pistol Whipped Mix)
A dance remix of the tune from Madonna's 'Music' album. I did this mix using GoldWave & Magix Music Maker. The beat of the tune samples heavily 'Pistolwhip' by 'Joshua Ryan'.
Nobody's Perfect (Pistolwhipped Mix)
Mr.Men Click'em
Nowotnik Puzzle
Push DX
Top Spin