This is a list of some of my favourite software and websites. You may or may not find this page useful, don't feel obliged to follow the links...
An alternative web browser to Internet Explorer, it's more secure and stops pop-ups and spyware.
One of the best freeware picture viewers you can get. Supports many formats and also plays alot of audio and video files too.
DigiGuide, the best TV guide
A TV guide that sits in your system tray and reminds you when your favourite show is about to start. You can view all the channel lists for about 2 weeks in advance, and mark the shows you want to watch. (Subscription costs about 75p a month)
A text editor that allows you to structure your document pages in a tree structure, rather like the folders on a drive or a newsgroup's postings. There is a free version which is good for most people, or various commercial versions if you want to do more.
Mr.Men Click'em
Nowotnik Puzzle
World of Spectrum is a website dedicated to the ZX Spectrum and it's emulation. It contains legal downloads of loads of spectrum games, and much more.
A site dedicated to the emulation of the Amiga computer, includes an archive of 1,000s of Amiga PD Software, and legal downloads of many comercial games. It was thanks to this site that I managed to get hold of a copy of my game 'Shapes', so I could re-write it on the PC.
Push DX
Top Spin