Push DX

Push DX is a Sokoban type game, with lot's of additional features, including 4 different block colours, icey floors, holes, and more. The game also includes a level editor so you can design your own puzzles.

To complete each level you must push all of the coloured blocks onto the same coloured floor tiles. Blocks can only be pushed and not pulled, so care must be taken or you may end up stuck.

Full instructions for the game and level editor are included with the download.
The download includes the following level-sets...

        Brain Sport - 100 level game taken from a Sokoban type game that was
                        released on the ZX Spectrum.

        Trium Mars - 50 level game taken from the game on the mobile phone, many
                        levels are very compact and challenging.

        Push DX - A 50 level game that includes all the new features of Push DX, the
                        first levels introduce the new features, the rest are progressively
                        harder levels to test your wits.

        More level-sets will be available for download from this site in the future, I will design more levels myself soon, and will also include sets of levels submitted by other people.

        If you wish to design and submit your own levels please read this guideline.
If this game fails to run on your machine, or you have any other problems with it, please email me at the following address....
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Push DX
Push DX
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