Top Spin

        This small game is version of a puzzle game that was made in the 80's by Binary Arts, there were quiet a few variations of this puzzle made. But the principle is the same for all of them. The original Top Spin consisted of discs numbered 1 to 20, my version has all the letters of the alphabet adding 6 more discs to the puzzle.

        The puzzle is solved by moving all of the discs around the oval track, and spinning the top piece by 180 degrees to reverse the order of the 4 discs in the top piece.

        There isn't much else to this puzzle, but actually solving it can be quite tricky. More often than you'll sort the discs with ease until you reach the last 4, which unless you're lucky will be in the wrong order. Getting them in the right order isn't easy.

        The contols for the game are as follows...

                Cursor left & right will move the discs around the oval track.

                Space flips to top piece 180 degrees.

                Esc quits the game.

                R will reshuffle the puzzle.

                S will save the current position.

                L will load the previously saved position.
If this game fails to run on your machine, or you have any other problems with it, please email me at the following address....
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